Weekly Sales Circuit: Young Prospects Ready for You to Develop

Whether you’re currently in the market for a new horse, casually thinking about your next partner, or creating a wish list of your dream horses, read on for some horses for sale that we love.  These horses are from Texas and Oklahoma.

There are multiple advantages to buying a younger horse.  For one, you can obtain a horse with fantastic breeding meant to do the job (hunters, jumpers, dressage…) for a sales price significantly lower than if you had purchased one with some show experience – and incredibly lower than a “made” schoolmaster.  You’ll also get a horse that hasn’t had much physical wear and tear yet, since it’s coming to you at a younger age.  Then, you have the satisfaction of shaping the horse’s training and putting in the time and effort, seeing it visibly develop.

On the minus side…you do have to put that work in.  Buying a young horse won’t bring you a blue ribbon 1.20m jumper two weeks later!  Also, it may be bred to jump, but perhaps it decides it doesn’t care for jumping.  If you’re ready to put in the time and acknowledge those facts, these young prospects may be for you!

What horse would you add to your shopping list?  Click on each horse’s photo to be taken directly to view their listing in further detail. 


2016 16.3h Warmblood mare. Adela is by Amazing out of Danka Shane. Lovely filly with a friendly, inquisitive temperament. Adela is handled daily. Her feet are picked up, she is halter trained and groomed daily. In the spring of her fourth year, she is nicely under saddle with a walk, trot and canter and is jumping small courses. Adela will have a great foundation for the purchaser to continue with her education.

Adela received fantastic comments during the RSPI approvals in July of 2016. Lofty movement, lovely balance.  Adela is branded and registered RPSI with Gold Premium status. She is microchipped and has a lifetime recording with USEF.


2016 16.2h Warmblood mare.  “Laney” is by famous hunter sire Westporte out of black Hanoverian mare by Black Tie. Great mover. Easy to work with and a quick learner. She has a big step, easy lead change and is very well balanced. Westporte, her sire, has consistently thrown good movers with great amateur brains. Laney has an excellent good style jumping and should be competitive at all top shows. She spent the winter in Wellington and is ready to start the baby greens.

Laney was Reserve Champion in the 3 yo old Texas Super Series class—6 minutes in the ring judged on jumping and movement. Located at our farm near Dallas. She has been trail riding and getting exposure in Wellington all during circuit this year but is not ready for a novice rider as she is more sensitive than dull. She is ready to step into the young hunter ring. Registered ISR Oldenburg.


2016 16.2h Hanoverian gelding. “Bo” was bred by us and well started under saddle. He is by Black Tie out of one of our nicest mares Phlawless by Pablo.  Bo has an amateur friendly mind, a great free jump, easy lead change and lots of scope. He is just starting to school over smaller fences. He is brave and always wants to please. He has spent 6 months in professional training—ties, loads etc. No vices. Very smart and a quick learner.

Jumper Nation assumes no liability for the validity of the information in these sale listings. We always recommend consulting your trainer and conducting a pre-purchase exam.

Go Jumping!