Welcome to HITS Chicago Summer Season Kickoff

Tom Struzzieri, owner of HITS, has provided a new update on the HITS Summer Series at Chicago, Culpeper, and Saugerties.

Watch the video below for an update.  Welcome, exhibitors, to the summer season kickoff and HITS’ first show at Lamplight Equestrian Center!  Here is a summary of key points:

HITS Chicago

  • A huge WELCOME to all horses and exhibitors arriving at HITS Chicago today!  This kicks off the first show of HITS’ summer season, AND the first HITS Chicago show at Lamplight Equestrian Center!

HITS Culpeper

  • On schedule to open the first two weeks in July.

HITS Saugerties

  • HITS Team continues to work on kicking off the season at Saugerties in July.


  • Please, please, please follow the COVID-19 protocol, regardless of whether you are at a HITS show or supporting a fellow show.  Whether you agree with the protocol or not from a political or otherwise standpoint, if we don’t make an effort to follow guidelines, we risk horse shows not being able to run.

About HITS
Since its inception in 1982, HITS, Inc. has grown into one of the largest producers of hunter/jumper horse shows in the United States. With four multi-week show circuits at its owned facilities in Florida, New York, Virginia, and Illinois, and as host to the annual HITS Championship and the $1 Million Grand Prix, HITS’ commitment to equestrian sport is unprecedented.

Featured photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.