We Ride Together Today is a group working to shed light on sexual abuse and misconduct within horse sports, providing support and resources for victims as well as information and actions that we can all take to make our sport and unwelcome to abusers and safer for everyone. One of the people behind the group is Carrie Kehring, whose daughter Maggie came forward earlier this year to share her story after SafeSport suspended Maggie’s former trainer Rich Fellers and his wife Shelley Fellers for allegations of abuse.

The Kehrings have been some of the strongest voices in favor of the SafeSport mandate and process in the Hunter/Jumper world, and they have faced a storm of ill will, accusations of lying, and worse from supporters of Fellers. Their advocacy for victims and bravery in the face of those who deny or discount claims of abuse is a model for us all, and echoes the struggle we have seen played out in other sports, notably women’s gymnastics. This is a deep and complicated problem, but we can stop it, together. Go check out#weridetogether.today, read the stories shared by other survivors, and learn what you can do to help!

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