Who Jumped It Best? Aiken Charity Horse Show Edition

The first week of the Aiken Charity Horse Show was a huge success with riders of all ages and levels coming together at Bruce’s Field for some superb competition. We’ve rounded up six stunning photos of the final fence in the Low Children’s/Adult Amateur jump-off and want to hear YOUR vote! Which horse and rider duo jumped it best? Be sure to cast your vote below!

Sarah Hattaway and Zacca Zoeloe, owned by Hartford Farm LLC. Photo by Kate Boggan 

Sarah Isgett and Killarney, owned by Sarah Isgett. Photo by Kate Boggan

Meghan Knauft and Mirell, owned by Meghan Knauft. Photo by Kate Boggan

Lillian Geitner and Toupie De Cantraie, owned by Lillian Geitner. Photo by Kate Boggan

Ella Duffy and Croft Original, owned by Ella Duffy. Photo by Kate Boggan

Amber Lee and Varom, owned by Amber Lee. Photo by Kate Boggan

Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite down below!

Go Jumping!