Who Jumped It Best? October at Bruce’s Field – Grand Prix Edition

Welcome to the first stop on the “Who Jumped It Best?” tour on Jumper Nation!  If you’re a visitor to our sister site, Eventing Nation, “Who Jumped It Best?” tour stops tend to make a regular appearance.  Not to be left out, hunter/jumper friends — here’s our very own inaugural edition from the Grand Prix at October at Bruce’s Field on October 18: Fence #1 of the jump off course.

Cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of this post (be sure to hit “Submit!”) for the combination who you think presents the best overall picture.

Kris Killam on Gangster CHS.

Grant Seger on Dr. J.

Tricia O’Conner on KT Adonis.

Doug Payne on Botanja.

Andrew Kocher on Doirin Clover Boy.

Grant Seger on Idalgo.

Kady Abrahamson on Vancouver.

Daniel Geitner on Fazous.

Grant Seger on Cantucchini.

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Go Jumping!

All photos by Kate Boggan for Aiken Horse Park.