Who Rides Every Day during Quarantine? Her Majesty, the Queen!

It is well known that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is an avid equestrian.  She’s been riding since she was very young, and it’s also well known that she rides on a regular basis, even at 94 years young.  The COVID-19 quarantine continues to varying extents in different countries or states, and we’re all still trying to find ways to stay active and healthy.  What’s amazing is that an inside source at the palace has sent a tip to Vanity Fair that Her Majesty has actually been riding every day during quarantine.  She has absolutely not been idle during this time!

Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

Her Majesty rides her horses literally every day throughout the grounds and typically rides with her head groom, Terry Pendry.  She also dresses up for dinner every night with her husband, Prince Philip.  This is a major (positive) change for her, as she and Prince Philip were living separately for two years and thus didn’t get to see each other often.

The inside source also reports that she is in “excellent spirits.”  We would be in “excellent spirits,” too if we rode every day and got to dress up for nice dinners!

Well done at staying active and involved with the animals and hobby that she loves.  Cheers to equestrian, the Queen.

Go Jumping!