There has been a lot of confusion over whether or not you can in fact replay the equestrian portions of the Olympic Games. The answer is YES! As long as you have a cable or satellite subscription, you can log in and watch full replays of any of the several hundred Olympic events on NBC Olympics. Why they made it so incredibly difficult to navigate, however, is a question you’ll have to ask NBC.

To watch full replays:

1. Go to

2. Up in the top green bar, click Video

3.  At the top of this page are trending videos totally unrelated to Equestrian events, because NBC would like to rub it in just a little more that no one likes you or cares about your obscure little sport.

4. Below that are a bunch of highlight reels, news segments and otherwise uncomfortable takes from mainstream news about the equestrian events to further convince you there couldn’t possibly be any full replays available here. Wouldn’t you rather hear Hoda talk about how dressage horses dance to POP MUSIC NOW???

5. No, no you wouldn’t, so you keep scrolling down PAST all that noise to the true, beautiful viewing oasis of 5-hour replays of Round One Jumping Qualifiers, if that is what your heart so fancies. (You may have to click the cute little yellow “more” button to get to the good stuff because, again, they REALLY don’t want you to have your video crack.

Screenshot via

Screenshot via

6. Click on the video you want, put in your subscription details, and then….

7. Wait for like 5 minutes. It takes the replays significantly longer to load than the live viewings did, so just be patient. When it does finally load, they’re going to try and convince you for the 3,457th time of these Olympic Games that you REALLY want to watch their new drama with pregnant Mandy Moore. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. It’s all good. But WE’VE PROBABLY MADE UP OUR MINDS BY NOW, NBC.

8. Finally, after another 2-3 minutes of loading spinning whatsamajigger, you will have your full replay, loaded with more Mandy Moore commercials and promos for The Voice than is healthy or fair to these great American citizens.

But really, as much as I make fun of NBC, it’s kind of incredible to have every single round and ride available weeks after the fact, considering we used to get our Equestrian Olympic news a month later like this:

snip clip

Go Olympics, Go NBC (kind of) and Go Jumping.