10 Decadent Dream Barns, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

While southern winter circuits might be keeping a good faction of the horse world busier than a last-minute squirrel in November, the rest of us are patiently waiting out the cold weather and dreaming of the warm days ahead.

Part of that day dream for me always includes a change of scene to a spectacular new barn where everything is heated, chandeliers illuminate my spectacularly shiny steed, and the fellow boarders are charming, hard working, and leave their crazy at the door. While we can’t make any promises on the stable buddy front, these 10 spectacular dream barns will definitely give you that warm fuzzy feeling you only get when you see something you love and can’t afford.

1. A gorgeous wood front aisle with adoptable retired racehorses inside:

2. A Spectacular rider’s lounge complete with baller wallpaper. (There’s two words you’ve never pictured together until now.)

3. This upstate New York rich and moody barn aisle:

4. A dreamy indoor arena with a runway entrance fit for a queen:

5. What’s black and white and red all over? Your dream barn, silly.

Coming soon!!!🦄🌴🔝🌞💃💃💃#bientotsurvosecrans #wellington #horsesofinstagram #dressage #dreambarn #siglavybrezica

A photo posted by Emmanuelle Bressan (@emmanuelle.bressan) on

6. A perfectly groomed, perfectly set indoor arena with light shining in like the flash bulbs of the paparazzi.

I absolutely consider myself #blessed to call this my office. #happyplace #dreambarn #solidrockstables

A photo posted by Ryan M Minor (@minorman) on

7. A darn good classical a-frame:

Hunt Valley is so gorgeous! #huntvalleynorth #barnpros #barn #dreambarn

A photo posted by Kourtney Heap & Saga (@eventing_saga) on

8. Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi’s barn, complete with dancing, jokes and expensive horses, I assume:

9. A barn with a fireplace? Okay sure. Just not near the hayloft.

10. And finally, dream barns definitely need an absolutely killer backdrop:

Enjoy your daydreaming, and go jumping!

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