Hilarious Evidence That Horses Dream, Presented by Draper Therapies

One of the most valuable services of any top-notch barn? The sometimes life-saving, Murphy’s Law of all Murphy’s Law acts of performing the night check. You can catch an early case of colic, free a horse cast in their stall, or in this case, simply solve one of the world’s great mysteries: Do horses dream?

Night check news…

Posted by Tokaruk Show Stables on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The world-class team at Tokaruk Show Stables caught this handsome studmuffin named Nox apparently going through the day’s course in his sleep: Is the tall, dark and handsome Nox an overachiever who holds on to carefully memorizes courses? Is he galloping across a great green meadow and leaping stone fences like a romantic montage from National Velvet? Is he stressing over what tomorrow will bring and counting his strides?

While we may never know the emotion behind the action, I’m telling you: That’s a horse, having a dream, jumping things that aren’t there. And it’s the best.

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