Long Spot Monday: Spring Weather Edition

Welcome to another edition of Long Spot Monday – a weekly commemoration of the fact that metaphorically speaking, it’s real hard to see the best launch spot for five days of regular after two days of awesome.

Poor Colorado Horse Park had the perfect spot picked out for a spring show, but this time it was the weather that missed the distance and decided to take a REAL DEEP winter spot in the middle of Spring and ruin a good thing.

CHP was unfortunately forced to cancel several classes of the Colorado Spring Classic before the weather turned magically springy again by the end of the weekend. Knowing the rocky mountain H/J crew, I know at least a few of them were thinking, “Wait, why are they cancelling?”

We’ll all cross our fingers that’s the last of the snow-related drama for the spring/summer season, and we look forward to seeing more action from Colorado soon!

Go Jumping.