Long Spot Monday: Nothing Scares Thomas Lévêque, Not Even a Massive Distance

Show jumping is one of those disciplines which, to the untrained eye, is all about speed: to way oversimplify, the sport is defined by being the fastest without knocking anything over. In reality, of course, show jumping is more about control and balance than pure speed — it takes a very well-schooled horse and an experienced rider to make a Grand Prix look like it’s just a race against the clock.

That’s not saying that there’s the occasional moment in which a headlong gallop might be necessary. Watch Thomas Lévêque aboard Seurat Galotiere take what looks like a truly impossible distance to eke out the win in Fontainebleu about a week ago:


Thank you for flying Seurat Galotiere Airways — we hope you had a lovely flight. Holy long spot, Batman! Don’t try that one at home, kids.

Go Jumping!