BEST OF 2017: Long Spot Monday – Point to Point Edition

It’s always nice as a sport to remember your roots, your heritage, and those weird, terrifying cousin sports that would make you sick to your stomach to actually attempt yourself. This week’s long spot is just such an occasion. The perfect opportunity to remember that if this guy can survive THIS, then you can definitely survive whatever Monday’s got for you:

#longspot Blue Ridge Hunt Point to Point

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This photo is courtesy of Martha Keeley, who got this epic shot at the Blue Ridge Hunt Point to Point in Viriginia in late April. The Blue Ridge Hunt Club is in fact the historic club which George Washington himself hunted with as a teenager growing up in Northern Virginia; surely the father of our nation himself took an awkward distance from time to time!

If like me, you’re thinking there is no way this ends well, I’ve got a big surprise for you. We scoured the interwebs to see if we COULD find out how it ends, and found this photographic evidence that somehow, horse and rider number 13 did not die.

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Click Here to See Photo 2

It’s not always easy to start Monday with a bang, ladies and gents, but grab mane and kick on! And if you’ve got a long spot of your own to share, be sure to send it to our editor ( or tag it on facebook or instagram with #longspotmondays. (make sure the privacy settings are set to public so we can see and share it!)

Go Jumping.