That Time a Guy Jumped a Single Upright Sword

Accuracy is everything in this sport, and Lt. Col. Rajesh Pattu of the Indian Cavalry set out to make a fine point of that – pun intended.

A celebrated and venerated cavalry officer of the Indian Army, Lt. Col. Pattu is seen in the footage below jumping a set of swords, and gradually the pile dwindles to just a single sword (point-side-down, naturally). The footage is taken from a shoot the colonel did with photographer Henry Dallal, and the horse jumps each attempt honestly and gracefully. It’s a true sight.

It’s trust and honesty from a horse in this scenario that makes you question what the point even is of jumping fences 10 feet wide. Clearly, we’re being much too easy on ourselves. Or perhaps Lt. Col. Pattu is really just that spectacular (along with his bold mount!)

Don’t try this at home, kids, (maybe a foam noodle would do the trick?) and go jumping.