Unconventional Jumpers, Presented by Draper Therapies

There is no set-in-stone formula when it comes to picking a suitable horse for jumping; most riders look for a horse who boasts a recognizable pedigree, is tall in stature and possesses a lot of athletic talent and scope. There are, however, several horses out there that don’t fit the mold. With some help from the team at Draper Therapies, we have rounded up a collection of unconventional jumpers who are breaking breed stereotypes.

1) Repeat the Beat, the jumping and eventing Tennessee Walking Horse.

Dang Pete 😍😍 PC: @heidirockholdphotography

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2) Check out this Clydesdale showing off his scope while free-jumping.

3) And then there is this super cute Standardbred showing off his hunter skills.

4) Be still my heart! These little mini’s are adorable.

5) Have you ever seen a jumping mule? Watch this guy go!

6) We are loving this Norwegian Fjord who thinks it is time to bump up the fences.

7) You see a lot of Percherons hitched to carts, but this Percheron prefers to sail over fences instead.

8) This BLM Mustang makes easy work of the obstacles on the cross-country course. 

9) This speedy Saddlebred shows the versatility of the breed.

10) If you are a sucker for spots you will love this super scopey Knabstrupper

Go Jumping!