Wasatch Horse Show Roundup – Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

If you picture Utah as just a funny place with weird drinking laws, cowboys, mountains and a big salty lake, then – well actually, that’s fairly accurate. BUT Utah also sports a thriving and growing hunter jumper community and some of the best horses in the world. (ever heard the name Pony Lane Farm at the top of a pinning or two at shows throughout the U.S.?)

This week Utah is hosting the Wasatch Horse Show Series at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Center, and it’s a crowd favorite. See some of the beautiful offerings in this hidden gem! (The first post has multiple photos – be sure to scroll through those to see all the beautiful scenes!)

Day 2 is off to a great start with stunning horses and riders! #letthefunbegin #wasatchhorseshows #timetoshow

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Photo of the Day from @wasatch_horse_shows This is what it's all about, folks… #we❤ourhorses #postjogpats #barbarastratfordphotography @ireneelisepowlick

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Carpie and Franny were both so good in the Performance Hunters today!! Excited for the rest of the week in the eq and junior hunters!

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It's almost time gallop around in the massive field again!!🌳🏇🏼 #wasatchhorseshows

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The feeling you get after the perfect ride.

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