10 Unbearably Beautiful Barn Aisles: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it’s actually just a little bit painful to look at? Get ready to have that feeling ten times in a row. These barn aisles are clean, masterfully designed, impeccably well-cared for, and way too nice for your loony project horse who likes to chew on anything from carrots to rebar.

While these barns may be top-of-the-line beautiful, we all know it’s not the architecture and spiral staircases that make a barn special. It’s the powerful memories and big goals they facilitate, and a smart and clean barn can do that every bit as well as one of these. But it can’t hurt to look, right? (Well, according to our earlier thesis, it can, but let’s do it anyway.)

Hello chandelier! @vvequestrian gets it. These are barn goals. #StableStyle

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Customize your barn with a chandelier, or a spiral staircase perhaps?

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Who doesn't love a good lighting fixture? Beautiful Barn Lighting is the latest blog post.

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Ready for another day. #Roseview #barn #horse #design #interior #davidsloandesign

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A wonderful summer evening at night check. #Roseview #sunset #horse #light #barn #architecture

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Go Jumping.

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