20 More Insane Body Clips, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Ask and ye shall receive! Readers clicked and inhaled our first collection of epic “clip art”, so we’re back with another round-up of divinely trimmed dragons ready to face winter with their game faces on and hair uniforms in place. Satiate that clipping craving, courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products!

Thunder… you are a hairy beast… But you are a beautiful horse.

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Somebody got clipped today! He was SOOO fluffy… #clip #clipping #clippingseason #fallishere #fuzzyhorse #fluffyhorse #decidedlyequestrian

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The beginnings of hot shots look for SOC. #tattoo #clipperwork #pattern #soc2017 #hairclip #bodyclip

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It’s not riding time! It’s eating time! #awesomehorse #arabianhorse #dressagequeen #horseclipping

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When you love fall and your pony's body serves as an art canvas…

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Get your clip on, and go jumping!

The feeling you get when it’s just you and your horse

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