2019 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover Hopeful Check-In, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

The 2019 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover is only four months away! Trainers have been hard at work preparing their 2019 hopefuls for this year’s big competition, but what exactly have they been up too? We teamed up with Kentucky Performance Products to bring you some Instagram updates from this year’s batch of RRP trainers.

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I am so grateful to everyone that has given their time and expertise in helping me with this special horse. I have been working so hard to give him every opportunity to succeed and feel his very best. It’s an ongoing process and every answer has led to a new question, a new challenge and new reason for me to work harder and learn more. For people not familiar with Ryan he is my Retired Racehorse Project horse and his body has changed significantly since leaving racing behind. Every time we work to address something that seems to be bothering him physically it ends up leading to another layer of discomfort one thing covering another. His health is so important to me and I would not be able to give him all the help he needs without our supporters. This process also pushed me to get some chiropractic help for myself and I am so glad I did! My neck and mid-back were very uncomfortable from all the baby horse antics and now I’m starting to feel like I can sit up straight again. I am also incredibly humbled by how gracious our local equestrian community is and how everyone has welcomed us with open arms on all our adventures. This truly is an amazing journey with him and I hope to keep sharing good news! #transformationtuesday #northropequine #bluegrasshorseshoeing #creekhollowveterinary #magnawave #bottomlinebodywork #vitalizeeq #fueledbyexcel #cwd #keeplouisvillewell #rrp2019 #ottb

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A weekend of wild weather and adventures with friends at @chatthillseventing! We had so much fun in the rain though! Crash and I schooled all the tiny cross country jumps friday evening and he was so brave! His biggest jumping efforts to date! Today we rode his first dressage test ever, in the pouring rain and he acted like it's been his job since he was born. Then we headed out for his first show jump round ever just as another storm cell arrived and he didn't bat an eye. The flags, decorations, crowds, announcer, the rain and thunder, tiny ponies, etc, posed no threat to Crash. He says he was there to have fun and earn cookies. Sadly the rest of the show was canceled before we got to run and jump our xc course, but I do prefer not getting stuck in the mud and then struck by lightning, so thank you to the show crew for forcing me into intelligent decisions. Pc: Jess #ottb #midnightcaller #babytiz #tizbud #liveyourfairytale #retiredracehorseproject #tbmakeover2019 #fieldtripfriday #thankfulforeverything #neverstoplearning #dontletthemtameyou #ateliercg #darkjeweldesigns #thermotex #pulseequine #eventingnation

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