5 Must-Haves from the New Romfh Spring Collection

PC: Romfh

Romfh makes up a hefty portion of my personal riding attire, and it has for years. (Long before I was writing about horses on the internet for a living!) I have a pair of Romfh riding tights that I’ve owned since 2010 which faithfully served as my go-to barn bottoms for so many hundreds of rides that even after I wore them through, I patched them to keep them going. (They survived much more than the average riding tights, I assure you.)

So it’s time for a serious closet update, and Romfh’s spring collection has just the thing to help me move on from my beloveds.

 Chill Factor Sun Shirt in Rose. PC: Romfh

Romfh Chill Factor Sun Shirt

For those hot afternoons headed our way, a self cooling technology is a must-have. Romfh’s exclusive Chill-Factor fabric not only keeps the heat away, but also has a microbial treatment to keep it fresh and sun protection to keep you un-crispy. It’s machine washable and comes in several fab colors: Lake Blue, Periwinkle, Rose, and Wine. (I always take things in wine color when offered, because wine.)

Lindsay Show Shirt in Peacock. PC: Romfh

The Lindsay Show Shirt – Long Sleeve

The Lindsay is also rocking the Chill Factor and Powerfresh Technology, but has all the appropriate long sleeve/white/choker-ready bells and whistles to make it show-ring ready. It also features mesh undersleeves to help you not die of heat stroke in July. The sleeves and collars come in a great assortment of on-fleek colors and patterns (I’m digging the peacock and cranberry maze, myself) which go totally undercover when it’s time to show. Yassss.

Penelope Show Shirt in White/Tan/Black. PC: Romfh

The Penelope Show Shirt 

The refined little lady is similar to The Lindsay but adds just a few classy details (faux pockets, additional darting for perfect fit) and a more subtle and upscale pattern in the collar and sleeves. Same great technology, super classy print. Can’t go wrong, gals.

Isabella Full Grip Breeches in Lake Blue. PC: Romfh

Isabella Full Grip Breeches

VaVaVoom! These are what I call a win-win-win. They’re the same soft but tough fabric as Romfh’s best-seller the Serafina (I’ve got a pair or two of those in my closet) with an uber-flattering high-waist cut and fit that makes you instantly look like a world class rider in the saddle. (Lessons not included, but srsly.) Best of all, the silicone full seat print keeps you LOCKED IN but doesn’t have the bulky, constraining feel of other full-seat breeches. They come in a vivid lake blue or the ever-so-flattering periwinkle. I’ll take 5 of each, please and thank you.

Child’s Competitor Show Shirt – Short Sleeve in Amethyst. PC: Romfh

Childs Competitor Show Shirt – Short Sleeve

Not to forget the young’uns, this sweet little short-sleeve gem has the professionalism and quality of an adult shirt with the subtle fun flair fit for a little lady. It’s rocking all the same fabric technology as the adult shirts (begone sweaty cotton, summer smells, and UV damage!) plus ingenious magnetic snaps in the collar to have her show-ring ready in mere seconds. Collar comes in acai, amethyst, periwinkle, and rose. My daughter’s only 2, but Imma go ahead and buy her one in each size for whenever, it’s cool.

See the full Romfh Spring Collection Here, and Go Jumping!