Daily Gift Guide: C4 Belts

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The classic C4 solid belt with the pink buckle option. (2 dozen buckles to choose from!) PC: c4belts.com

Originally started by a group of friends in 2011, C4 Belts has taken the equestrian world by storm with their vibrant colors, smart design, and simple sizing. If you don’t already own one, this belt is going to make you giddy with the possibilities. If you do own one, you know why they’re addicting, and you’re probably already plotting how to get more for you and a buddy (so that you can borrow from each other, obvs).

Made from a durable plastic/rubber material similar to what they use to make tires for snowmobiles, C4 belts will not bleed, crack, or stretch from weather and use, keeping you looking sharp for years. The material takes fabulously to printed designs of all varieties, which means that you can choose from one of several dozen different styles or even add your own logo or cause to a bulk order!

PC: c4belts.com

PC: c4belts.com

PC: c4belts.com

The buckles on these bad boys are simply genius. Every belt comes super long, and you simply CUT the belt with any old pair of scissors to the exact length you desire and then clip on the buckle, so you’ll never get stuck loving a design only to find your size is sold out. Better yet, the buckle unclips as easily as it goes on, so you can switch out between their many different buckle colors and finishes for a different look with just one belt.

I call this the “unicorn belt hack” – pairing a purple belt with a turquoise buckle. Also known as the George Morris deflector. PC: c4belts.com

If your beloved mount ditches you in a mudbog, we have great news (well, for your belt, anyway): C4 Belts can be washed with soap and water, or better yet, you can even throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher, and it will come out sparkly clean!

C4 Belts have been a hot ticket item for eventers for awhile because you can get them in so many crazy colors to match your cross-country style, but they also have looks that are entirely appropriate for the hunter ring, and will hold up better than a leather belt any day of the week.

PC: c4belts.com

Best of all, C4 Belts has set out to do more than just make money selling belts: They give back a portion of all their proceeds to a handful of carefully selected charities each year, so it’s money you can feel good about spending. Last year they donated more than $20,000 to groups like Best Friends Animal Society, the Human Rights Campaign, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Buy one for you, buy one for a friend. And no need to plan for sizing! You won’t regret it. See a few more of our favorite belt and buckle pairings below. Go C4 Belts, and Go Jumping!

PC: c4belts.com

For the adorable little lady in your life. Or the sassy free spirit grown man. Both are welcome here. PC: c4belts.com

Because CHRISTMAS, y’all. PC: c4belts.com