6 Creative Clips on Instagram, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

It’s time to bust out those clippers and oil up your blades, ladies and gents. Winter is upon us! While many of you will opt for more traditional cuts, we decided to wrangle up some more unique clip jobs to serve as a source of inspiration for you while clipping this year. Thanks to the team at Kentucky Performance Products for partnering up with us for this week’s Instagram roundup!

This one puts a whole new meaning to the saying, “those knees though!”

How. Freaking. Adorable. That’s all.

A tribute to “A Star is Born” perhaps?

Seriously, if you watch that movie be prepared to cry. On another note, this ponies bum is precious.

This clip is more elegant than anything in my life.

I can’t even DRAW something this pretty, let alone clip it into my horses coat. 10 points to Gryffindor for this one!

A little bit of Chanel for you fancy folks out there.

Now this is a classy horse!

Horses: the gift that keeps on giving

What does every pretty pony need? A bow on their butt, obviously. I wonder if I could clip this into Ty’s behind without my trainer killing me…

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Azi got a 🎀 on her bum today! Such a cutie ✂️🐴😘

A post shared by Andi Pandi (@that_alberta_horse_girl) on

A post worth liking

As big Facebook fans, we salute the clipper who came up with this idea.

Go Jumping!

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