A Birthday Tribute to Secretariat, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

March 30 marked the 50th birthday of one of the greatest horses in the history of equestrian sport, Secretariat.  Secretariat (March 30, 1970 – October 4, 1989) was an American Thoroughbred who, in 1973, became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years.  His record-breaking win at the Belmont Stakes is regarded as one of the greatest races in history – he won by 31 lengths!  Other major victories for this amazing horse include five Eclipse Awards, Horse of the Year honors at ages two and three, a nomination to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1974, and inclusion in the List of the Top 100 US Racehorses of the 20th Century, second only to Man o’ War.

Secretariat’s offspring produced several notable sires, including Storm Cat, AP Indy, Gone West, Dehere, and Chief’s Crown.  Though Secretariat did pass away in 1989 due to laminitis, his legacy continues on through the pedigrees of many horses with thoroughbred lineage.  My own OTTB mare has Secretariat in her blood!  We teamed up with Kentucky Performance Products to salute this horse with a huge heart.  Happy birthday, Secretariat! 

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Facebook follower: How would you describe Secretariat’s temperament? #TurcotteTuesday 🏇 . Ron Turcotte: What some people call his temperament, I call his disposition. Secretariat had the most even and kind disposition of any horse I ever knew. He was even tempered and always ready to respond to whatever move you asked of him. He was bold without being aggressive. He was a very calm horse. He could be playful at times but always ready to respond to you. I’ll always remember the time he gave a playful buck because he was feeling so good and so full of energy coming back from a workout. I wasn’t expecting it, and I guess I wasn’t paying attention. I landed on my feet on the ground. He could have taken off but instead he just stood there and looked at me as if he was saying, “Hey, what are you doing down there?” He just waited for me to walk back to him. I passed the reins back over his head, padded him a little on the neck, grabbed a handful of mane and jumped back on. He just kept going calmly back to the barn as if nothing had happened. Maybe the most important aspect of his temperament or disposition is that he never sulked or refused to try in a race. He was always ready to respond to whatever move you asked. He was always ready to give you everything he had. . Photo by Steve Haskin is available for purchase at Secretariat.com, where you can also find the #TurcotteTuesday compilation. #Secretariat #horses #jockeys #horseracing #thoroughbredracing

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🏆 SECRETARIAT: “THE GREATEST” 🏆 #50Anniversary • 🇺🇸 ON THIS DAY (3/30/1970) was born “The One And Only” “The Unique” “The Legend” “The Greatest”… SECRETARIAT!!! 🏆 . 👑👑👑 9th TRIPLE CROWN WINNER 👑👑👑 🌟 2X HORSE OF THE YEAR (1972-1973) 🌟 -Champion 2-year-old (1972) -Champion 3-year-old (1973) -Champion Male Turf Horse (1973) -Set WORLD RECORD for 12F (2.400mts) on dirt -Won the Belmont Stakes by an UNBELIEVABLE 31 LENGTHS (Record) -FASTEST Kentucky Derby Winner -Leading Broodmare Sire in 🇺🇸 (1992) -U.S. Racing Hall Of Fame (1974) -U.S. Postage Stamp (1999) -Kentucky Athletic Hall Of Fame (2007) -Canadian 🇨🇦 Horse Racing Hall Of Fame (2013) -Euthanized on October 4, 1989 (Aged 19), due to Laminitis . ➡️ SECRETARIAT (Bold Ruler) Race Record: 21 (16-3-1) $1.316.808 • • • 🇪🇸 UN DÍA COMO HOY (30/3/1970) nació “La Leyenda” “El Super Caballo” “El Big Red”… SECRETARIAT!!! 🏆 . 👑👑👑 9no TRIPLECORONADO 👑👑👑 🌟 2X CABALLO DEL AÑO (1972-1973) 🌟 -Campeón Dosañero (1972) -Campeón Tresañero (1973) -Campeón Gramero (1973) -Registró RECORD MUNDIAL para los 2.400 metros (12F) en arena -Ganó el Belmont Stakes por una increíble ventaja de 31 cuerpos (Record) -Ganador más rápido del Kentucky Derby -Líder Abuelo Materno en 🇺🇸 (1992) -U.S. Racing Hall Of Fame (1974) -U.S. Estampa Postal (1999) -Kentucky Athletic Hall Of Fame (2007) -Canadian 🇨🇦 Horse Racing Hall Of Fame (2013) -Sacrificado el 4 de Octubre de 1989 (19 años) por Laminitis . ➡️ Campaña: 21 (16-3-1) $1.316.808 • • • (PC: SECRETARIAT.COM) #Horse #Horses #HorseRacing #Instahorse #Lovehorses #Horseriding #Horselove #Horsesofinstagram #Thoroughbred #Racehorse #Kentucky #Champion #California #Secretariat #KentuckyDerby #BelmontStakes #TripleCrown #Record #Greatest #OnThisDay #BigRed

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