An Accurate Video of How Horse People Feel About Their Dogs

Photo by Alissa King

I relived this same moment around a dozen times in my life: A non-horse friend or family member comes to see me compete, or maybe a stranger wanders in off the street to watch, or my favorite, a non-equine journalist shows up to cover an event. They all have a bunch of questions about “Is this one judged or not?” “Do you wear the jockey costume?” and “IT COSTS HOW MUCH?”

But after they’ve been around the show for a few hours, there’s one comment they nearly all seem to have in common: “You horse people sure love your . . . dogs.”

It’s not that we don’t love our horses, it’s just that even for us, with our thousands invested in sound feet and top fitness and insane nutrition, almost every horse in the world is for sale for the right price.

But sell my dog? Are you crazy?

This little video goes out to all y’all ladies on the circuit being followed by a gaggle of corgis wearing matching Rambo dog blankets. You know who you are.

Go Rovers, and Go Jumping.