Babies and Barns: Three Genius Ways for New Moms to Get Some Saddle Time

Horses should be a family affair, whether that means bringing your spouse to film your ride, bringing your dog so he can eat hoof clippings, or bringing your baby so they can be fully indoctrinated. (Definitely guilty of this one.)

We’re pretty big fans of sharing the love of horses with the younger generation, and we’ve seen a handful of hilarious solutions to making it all work. Here are our favorites!

1. The classic hotwalker babysitter. Variations include sleds, carseats, and of course actual ponies.

2. The Crosstie bassinet. This one is a solid. Subtle motion, safety breakaways if she gets frisky in there.

Problem solved 🙃

Problem solved 🙃

Posted by Equestria World on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

3. And of course, you can always just let the horses do their magic and rock the baby for you. Can you even imagine how deeply embedded this horse is in that kid’s subconscious?!

Personally, I managed to get in some pretty good barn time in those early months courtesy of a very rugged stroller/carseat combo and parking her next to my trainer. She seemed to like the quiet of the barn, and I’ll never forget being able to share one of my favorite things with my daughter in her first few months of life. However you choose to do it, make barn time family time. It’s a win/win.

Go Moms, and Go Jumping.