The Cuteness Cure: Dani and Doc at the State Fair

Screenshot via YouTube.

I want to care about FEI show jumpers going clear over all the tall things all the time, but sometimes, I just want to see the love and elation that only exists between a girl and her round-bellied pony competing at the State Fair. Nestled safely between a little girls soft hands lies the heart of our very sport, folks.

Dani and her pony Doc are exactly the cure what for what ails you today. Doc is seventeen years old, and has seen and done it all. He has been with Dani’s family for his whole life, and now proudly packs Dani around for jumping, equitation, under saddle, and all of her western interests, too! A regular Jenny and Forrest, Alec and The Black, McLain and Sapphire love story for y’all.

In this week’s episode, Doc and Dani attend the state fair and compete in crossbars A and B. We won’t spoil it – watch the darling video (which we suspect was craftfully edited and given a soundtrack by a proud dad) to see how they did!

Go Dani and Doc, and Go Jumping!