Incorrect application of wraps, boots and bandages can do more harm than leaving them off altogether. So to be sure we’re getting it right, we went to the source of all good equestrian knowledge: The finest members of the United States Pony Club and University Extension Offices.

Applying a Splint Boot

H-A Certified Pony Clubber Alexandra Ambelang demonstrates the proper technique for applying the splint boot, reminding us to approach calmly, move down the leg slowly, and to always slide the boot down in the direction of hair growth for maximum comfort.


Applying Open Front Boots

Here Alexandra not only demonstrates proper application, but also explains the value of the open front design from either wraps or splint boots.


Applying an Ankle Boot

This might be old hat for most of us, but we’ve seen enough upsidedown ankle boots in the warmup ring to know that at least a few folks could use a refresher.


Applying a Standing Wrap

For standing wraps, we get instruction from Devon Catalano, a master’s degree candidate in Animal Science, and Dr. Kerry Kuhle of the University of Minnesota Extension Office. Dr. Kuhle explains how to determine the appropriate size of bandage, preventing bandage bows, and her preferred method for application.


Proper Rolling of a Bandage

To really hone in your wrapping skills, this DelMarVa Pony Clubber explains that the secret to proper rolling, which in turn leads to proper application, is to roll tightly. A bandage should be taught as it is rolled, and this is a surefire method for doing it right.

Many thanks to the United States Pony Club and University of Minnesota Extension Office for sharing their talents with us.

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