Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products: 10 Masters of the Standing Wrap

If you’re a bit obsessive about a perfectly prepared, applied, and color-coordinated set of standing wraps, this little collection is going to be oh-so satisfying!

Our horse’s legs take a good pounding as we lunge, condition, work and rework the grid sets, and practice our bending lines. They do it all willingly and ably for years; the least we can do is offer a little leg pampering now and again, right?

Check out these ten equestrians who have mastered the art of the standing wrap.

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To improve your own standing wrap technique and learn more about the proper tools and applications, check out our previous post on the subject, and always try your hand at wrapping when given the opportunity! Your horse will thank you with years of soundness and quick recoveries from the occasional bobble.


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