Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products: Lemme See You Muck Muck Muck Muck Muck Muck

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who hate mucking, and people who make mucking fun so they hate it less. We’re happy to feature the latter here on Jumper Nation, and offer a few bits of advice on how to be the best mucker you can be.

Tip #1: Dance Like You’re Manure Guy at Mardi Gras:

Tip 2: Take Cute Kids Along

Tip #3: Make it a Science Project!


Tip #4: Blast them tunes, y’all:

Poop Blaster ? #superattractiveghettoblaster #sagb #ghettoblaster #boombox #boomboxproject #streetshot #horsepoop #sichuan #china #instagood #instamusic

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Tip 5: Bring a Pet:

Tip #6: Make Some Money!

Tip #6: Be like these awesome millenial hippies and make a house out of it:

Tip #7: Use unnecessarily Heavy Machinery Because #FarmToys

#havingfun #myboy #thefarmer #horsepoop #horsepower

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Tip #8: Turn Your Hard Work Into a Work of Art Using Slo-Mo!

This video shows the beauty of shoveling horse poop… featuring Christie #horsepoop

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Tip #9: Pretend like you’re in Italy Smashing Grapes for Wine, I guess? (This is a pretty terrible tip. But, just, just…okay?)

Tip #10: Use it as a Training Exercise for the Masters of Poop Themselves:

When there are #horses in the way and #mucking must be done. #sigh #palomino #barefootisbetter #hayburner

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Go Mucking, then Go Jumping!

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