Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products: If Mounting Blocks Could Talk

Oh the stories they would tell! They’re the stairway to saddle heaven, the ever-handy instructor’s seat, the sacred holder of keys, phones, and Starbucks drinks. Have you hugged your mounting block lately? Well, you should. Here’s a few mounting blocks that are working overtime, working smart, or working in style. And boy do we love them for it.

A clever reuse of railroad ties for an unquestionably sturdy mounting spot:

mounting block made from old railroad ties ? #horsebarns #mountingblock #recycledrailroadties

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Practically indestructible. This guy will find out for you for sure.

His favorite toy.

A photo posted by Erin King Jackson (@erin_atkh) on

Nevermind, they’re destructible.

The only ones who seem to like our mounting blocks more than we do are the barn pets. “YOUR mounting block?” They ask.

You guys sure like to jump your mounting blocks.

You’re also pretty good at making your own!

Mounting block complete! #diyequestrian #mountingblock

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I’m not convinced I trust my horse or my mounting block enough for this.

Sparky's new trick ? How cute is he though!? #horsesofinstagram #ponies #leadrope #mountingblock #trickpony #gelding

A photo posted by Kelsey Lee ? (@kelseyleedotcom) on

This lovely rolling tackbox/mounting block was signed by some powerhouse equine celebs! Definitely not leaving that one in the ring overnight.

Mounting blocks as art. We approve.

The only thing that keeps me sane, Monday night Pony time #horses #mountingblock #thisiswhatheavenlookslike

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Mounting blocks for fitness! We approve of this, too.

It’s kind of like an equine party trick. “Oh yeah, my horse will jump the mounting block.” Show-offs, all of you. *Leaves to go try and jump a mounting block*

Jumping my mounting block! #jumping #horses #mountingblock #Tipperary #appendixquarterhorse

A photo posted by Kristen Jackson (@kjacks1990) on

Is there anything in the world more satisfying than a clean mounting block and freshly dragged arena?

If there were such a thing as a celebrity mounting block, this one would be a Clooney:

Stunning #nofilterneeded #classic #teamsprucemeadows #phoenixwest #mountingblock #2step #thermal

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My 3 trouble makers #hitchcockwoods #mountingblock #puppydogs #rescues

A photo posted by Lottie-lou W (@lottieladida) on

And don’t forget that without a mounting block:


Get mounted, then Go Jumping!


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