Behind the Scenes at Central Park Horse Show: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

We are entirely unprepared to say goodbye to the Central Park Horse Show in New York City. There is truly nothing else like it with the stunning skyline in the background, and glamorous crowds, and the fiendishly urban vibe. It’s an incredible throwback to the old Madison Square Garden days but with an even better view.

From stone bridges to horse-themed wine at VIP tables to clamoring hoards of city children reaching out to touch a real horse — maybe for the first time in their lives — the non-showring moments proved every bit as special as the biggest victories under the lights. Here are a few of our favorites, courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products!

All kinds of magic at the #centralparkhorseshow ? pc: @landalucio

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Congratulations to Adrienne Iverson on winning 4th place in the $50,000 Duchossois Cup!

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