British rider Chloe Aston proved a knockout success on the final night of the inaugural Liverpool International Horse Show.

A total of 16 combinations took part in the knockout class, sponsored by Artorius Wealth, featuring the likes of Aston, Laura Renwick, John Whitaker, Emanuele Gaudiano and Denis Lynch.

The format entails two riders and horses racing against each other in head-to-head battles, and the semi-finals boiled down to clashes between Renwick and Constant van Paesschen, before Aston took on Nicole Pavitt.

And the final showdown produced a thrilling race between Aston and rising Belgian star Van Paesschen, with Aston coming out on top aboard Amigo T.

“It was amazing fun,” Aston said. “I have done that class twice before. The previous one he won, but the first one did I actually fell off annd knocked myself out! I just went a little bit too fast.

“It is an unbelievable show, here at Liverpool. It is one of my favourite shows I have ever jumped at. The atmosphere is amazing, the arena is fantastic and the courses have been outstanding.

“Amigo T loves classes like that. He just kept trying and trying. I just tried to stay focused on what I had to do, go as fast as I possibly could and try not to worry about what was happening with the other rider.”


Source: Debra Hargrave/Liverpool International Horse Show