Capital Challenge Then & Now, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Indoors Season is finally upon us and we kick off with one of my favorite shows of the year: Capital Challenge (Hint: learn a little bit more about this stellar show here!). What better way to get pumped up for a weekend full of thrilling finals then by taking a look back at some of the biggest and best memories from years’ past? We partnered up with Kentucky Performance Products to bring you just that, plus a few early snapshots from this weekend’s competitors!

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Winners of last year’s $50,000 WCHR Pro Challenge class @amandasteege13 and Lafitte de Muze 😍 Amanda talked about how she prepares for indoors on the last Inside Your Ride podcast: “I try to tell myself as the buildup of indoors is coming that we’re not doing anything different at these shows than we do at all the other shows. It just feels more stressful and more pressure because everyone’s there and the competition is higher, but at the end of the day we are going in and jumping the same pattern of courses and same jumps that we jump all year long. So I try to make myself remember that we aren’t trying to do anything exotic or new when we get there. ✨ Also, visualizing is a tool that I use when I have time at these more high pressure shows… if I’m sitting around at Capital Challenge all day on Wednesday waiting for the pro finals class that happens Wednesday night, I do try to find 15 or 20 minutes sometime before the class – after I have seen the course and I have an idea of what it is all going to be like – to find a quiet spot go over it all in my head. It really helps me. I also work on this with some of my amateur clients and I think it gives them something to do with that nervous energy.” 👏🏼🌟✨Pic credit: @jumpmediallc 📸#inspiration #preparation #podcast #wchr #capitalchallenge #horseshow #insideyourride #hunterjumper #equitation #focus #visualization #mindset #equestrian #amazing

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Can’t wait for Capital Challenge next year!

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Go Jumping!

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