First and foremost, we don’t share this to embarrass Ms. Cuoco, because anyone who has watched her ride knows the girl got SKILLZ. She sinks a lot of time into her amateur Grand Prix jumping career, and we’ve got nothing but applause for that.

In fact, she chatted at length about how much her riding career means to her last night on Jimmy Kimmel (and took the time to correct him that no, she does not race horses, and no, she is not a jockey) :

But in our particular sport, where the heirs and heiresses of billionaires often flock in their formative years as an acceptable outlet for sport in high society, taking a tumble is a brutal reminder that no amount of money can buy a clear round. Even celebrity equestrians have bad days, and the awesome ones like Kaley won’t let it freak them out or get them down.

In fact at this same show, Kaley and Bionetty won a 1.30 m Junior/Amateur class, so we know this gal has as much grit as she does talent.

In this class, it seems Kaley and her mare Si Bella part ways over a striding issue, which leads to a hard stop, which leads to a solo clearing of the top rail by Kaley. Si Bella jumps beautifully through the previous combination, and Kaley gives her a very forward ride to the next fence, but Si Bella seems to misread the cues, instead gets a bit too deep to it and slams on the brakes.

Kaley nearly lands on her feet, and immediately pops up and appears to jokingly ask Bella about what in the world just transpired. Despite being a little embarrassed and knowing a few extra eyes are always on her at the Showpark, she still smiles and takes it all in stride, exiting with her head held high.

We’ve got nothing but love for a horse-loving celeb who’s not afraid to go for it and get her white breeches dirty once in awhile. And she’s certainly brought loads of good attention to the sport in her many interviews! So we’re sending you our JN Salute of Awesome this week, KC.

Go Jumping.