The Life of a Kaley Cuoco Fangirl

In the equestrian world, most of the celebrities we swoon over are names that our significant others have never heard of. However, the real unicorn celebrity of the equine world is the celebrity that the public AND equestrians know. Generally, they’re singers or actors who post the occasional photo of their trail horse partners. One star we all love to love is not only a great actress but also a very accomplished rider. Kaley Cuoco has been a topic of horse girl conversations for years now, and then she blew our minds even more when she married showjumper, Karl Cook. Whether you casually follow Kaley on the interwebs or are a full blown fangirl, here are some things that I imagine most Kaley fans can relate too.

Your sentences tend to start with, “OMG, did you see Kaley’s photo of….?”

Whether you’re discussing the latest Shmooshy post or the choice of wood in Kaley’s new barn, you and your friends feel as if Kaley is an old friend. 

You know the names of her horses and what’s going on in their career…

…and nothing made you happier then when Poker Face made a comeback from his injury!

You feel like you NEED a Shmooshy in your life.

Even though you have no need for a miniature horse, you’ve been dying for one ever since Shmooshy hit the scene. In fact, this may be a pattern, because you had the same desire when you saw Rob Dyrdek with one. 

You accidentally became a fangirl of Karl Cook’s.

It started innocently because you wanted to watch for posts about Kaley, and then it evolved into enjoying his pretty pony pictures. Now you really like him for his impressive horsemanship and his walking and talking videos.

You go to horse shows hoping you can snag a pic with the elusive Kaley.

Let’s be real, you’d settle for a selfie with Smooshy or Netty or Blue or really any photo with you in it and them just in the background.

Your stalking of her Instagram is a little on par with Joe from “You.”

Not only do you follow Karl, but you also follow The Peeps Foundation, Brad Goreski, Emma Rose, and that’s just to name a few. 

For the east coasters who can only dream of casually running into Kaley at a horse show, you’ve now made it your mission to also meet Karl.

Likely you convinced a friend to tag along and then you proceed to argue about who’s going to be brave enough to ask for a picture. When you DO ask for a picture (and he graciously accepts because he really is so nice!), likely you ask how Kaley and Blue are doing. #namedrop

Me, Karl, and Crystal, at Upperville

Hopefully you all feel seen and Kaley now knows the industry loves her!