Just Another Reason Why We Love Kaley Cuoco

Actress, animal activist, competitive equestrian: Kaley Cuoco is kind of the bomb and always gives us plenty of reasons to love her. From her witty Instagram posts to her contagious sense of humor, Kaley just has a way about her that makes her lovable. Earlier this year she tied the knot with showjumper Karl Cook creating what quite possibly might be the equestrian industry’s cutest union. The two never fail to bring laughter to the table and are a picture-perfect representation of #relationshipgoals.

This week two YouTube videos were released that give us a behind-the-scenes look at this couples daily life and, in typical Kaley fashion, Kaley had us rolling the entire time. We start off with this hilarious round of Mr. & Mrs. shot by the FEI where Kaley and Karl admit some of their deepest, darkest secrets such as Kaley’s hangry tendencies and the biggest discrepancy in their relationship.


Our friends at Noelle Floyd released a stunning look inside Karl’s Pomponio Ranch. While we are drooling over this beautiful California property, we can’t help but adore Kaley’s comical interjections throughout what is supposed to be a serious look into Karl’s program.

I think it is safe to say that you could label us as Kaley Cuoco fangirls over here at JN. Seriously though, how could you NOT love her?

Go Jumping!