Confessions of a SmartPak Breeches Hoarder

Kristina, a hunter/jumper enthusiast who works in Creative at SmartPak, admits that she has become “a bit of a breech hoarder.” She gives us the grand tour of her collection.

SmartPak explains:

“We get you, because we are you, and we’d like to come clean. We have…a problem. We LOVE everything we sell. And SmartPaker Kristina is no different in her love for breeches. As you’ll see, she owns quite a few different pairs of breeches, and as they say, admitting you have a problem is the first step, so Kristina’s here to talk through her collection.

“We made it easy for you to check out the parts of the video that you want to see most! Want to hear Kristina talk about one of the breeches you see on the table? Check out the side bar on the left and scroll to the corresponding time to hear her talk about why she loves that particular item!”

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