Deal Alert: Draper Therapies Winter Sale!

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A solid chunk of the team at Nation Media uses and enjoys Draper Therapies products completely independent of our sponsor relationship with them. Our head editor Leslie Wylie openly admitted that their all-purpose saddle pad was the best tipsy shopping purchase she’s ever made, resident photographer and eq queen Dominique Gonzalez fell hard for their perfect polos, and I sang the praises of their celliant-infused knee brace which I wear for riding, working out, and recovery (So basically, all the time).

Which is why we’re taking the time to tell you they’re having a fabulous winter sale! They’re not paying us to tell you, we just genuinely think you and your ponies will be better off with this medical-grade equipment in your life.

All Draper’s products contain Celliant,  an FDA determined technology which uses the body’s own heat to make infrared energy. This temporarily promotes increased local blood flow at the textile’s application site. There is a great infographic for how this works at the Celliant Website.

By increasing blood flow, those blood cells can deliver an increase in nutrients and oxygen to the area, which can impact several performance factors:

  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Muscle recovery
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Inflammation and pain relief
  • There have been nine separate clinical studies conducted to study Celliant technology, the results of which contributed to FDA approval. These studies explored the value of Celliant fibers in everything from people with foot pain to relieving insomnia.

Now is a great time to get a little bit of celliant goodness for yourself, because Draper has some of their most popular items on sale: Quarter Sheets, Coolers, and Stable Sheets, as well as a great clearance section and free shipping.

Image courtesy of Draper Therapies.

Endorsed by FEI Show Jumpers Todd Minikus and Michael Tokaruk, four-star eventer Madi Backus and paralympian Becca Hart (to name a few), we think you’re going to love adding a little therapy to your routine.

Get your sale on at Draper Therapies, and Go Jumping!