Desert Rain in Thermal: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

The HITS Coachella winter circuit has this inexplicable vibe that gives it such a mysterious allure. Maybe it’s the oasis-like nature of Thermal; the way it rises up from the desert sands out of nowhere and inhabits this fantasy-like place on the California border.

The venue has even more look and feel than usual this opening week as a series of torrential downpours kept grooms, riders, and maintenance teams alike scrambling to keep things dry, but for the casual observer, it makes for some killer backdrops! Take a peek at an intermittently sunny and rainy HITS Coachella, courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products.

Kessel Run loving Thermal… Learning and loving the 1.30. Owned by Connie & Lauren Farmer. PC M. Thrasher

A photo posted by KFM® (aka Kristy Miller) (@blackstarequestrian) on

Costeña is one special 🦄.❤❤❤

A photo posted by Michelle Bingham (@michellebingham92) on

Pretty perfect group of ponies👍#hitscoachella2017

A video posted by Copper Hill Show Jumpers (@copperhill_sj) on

Fun day at Thermal!

A photo posted by Genuine Farms (@genuinefarms) on

Day 1✔️ #killinit #teamchf 💙⭐️🍋

A photo posted by CHF🍋 (@citrushillfarms) on

Red on red 🌅 🌵☺

A photo posted by KFM® (aka Kristy Miller) (@blackstarequestrian) on

First day of showing @hitscoachella 🌴☀️👻💖#equestrian #ghost #showjumping

A photo posted by Zabel Kerivan💖☀️🌴✈️🌏🐴 (@zabelkerivan474) on

Cotierre in the low hunters – good boy!

A photo posted by Jennifer Edgell (@jennifer_edgell) on

@jumping_my_bays – finally made through the torrential downpours to #hitscoachella2017 #iosequestrianapparel #flowerhillfarms #palmdesert

A photo posted by a͙m͙y͙ w͙a͙g͙n͙e͙r͙ (@amywagnerphotography) on

we out here #Thermal #coachellahits #VLAXFASPORTHORSES

A photo posted by V̲LA (@volumelosangeles) on

And the season begins… #braidernation #horsesofinstagram #neckfordays #rollercoaster #twistknotrepeat

A photo posted by Rachel Gunnerson (@unusul333) on

Perfect girls and boys make my heart happy! #greatday#hitscoachella2017

A photo posted by Grand Prix Stables (@gpstablestx) on

Sales horse Bonita warming up today! #springbankstables #hitsshows #showjumping

A video posted by Springbank Stables (@springbank_stables) on

Bimini's evening school. She was a good girl!

A photo posted by Jennifer Edgell (@jennifer_edgell) on

When your helmet wall is KILLING IT 🙌🏼 @kask_equestrian #HITScoachella

A photo posted by Equ Lifestyle Boutique (@equlifestyleboutique) on

Little Cheese, Big World 🧀

A photo posted by Michelle Golden (@mchellegolden) on

When it's freezing at the horse show… Come get your SHL fix at EQU 👌🏼 #poppincollars #layerup

A photo posted by Equ Lifestyle Boutique (@equlifestyleboutique) on

Pony squishin' 12hands of furry 😈 #ClanfairRoyal

A photo posted by KFM® (aka Kristy Miller) (@blackstarequestrian) on

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