Elliena EQ: Wear Anything but White

I’m not quite sure when show ring and schooling attire got so… boring. But I, for one, am kind of tired of wearing white (the most impractical color) all the time.elliena2

Elliena EQ Orange schooling shirt. PC: Jaclyn M. Johnson

My favorite mother-daughter duo – Elliena EQ – has introduced a new line of schooling and show apparel that is so refreshingly colorful. I got to try their new schooling shirt out, and I am happy to report that it is everything I ever wanted in a schooling shirt. And the colors are so cool and unique. Every time I put this top on, I get numerous comments and compliments. The patterns are so whimsical, and actually surprisingly subtle (especially with vest!). I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it to schooling shows or in the jumper ring.

Delia and Elliena (A.K.A. Ellie) dove into the business of show ring fashion when Delia, an enterprising show mom and rider herself, began making Ellie’s show bows in her own home. The company (Ellie’s Bows) grew leaps and bounds from there. Her bows made it into Dover and were seen in show rings throughout the top venues in the country.

However, Ellie is quickly approaching the horrible, dreadful moment in a girl’s life when she will have to turn in her hair bows for hair nets and garters for tall boots. But Delia is making sure that this transition is still as fun and seamless as possible with the introduction of her new line – Elliena EQ. Ellie and her friends are wearing anything but white and I have to say… I support this decision.

Elliena EQ shirt under vest – great option for local jumper shows! PC: Jaclyn M. Johnson

Elliena EQ features a whole line of limited edition, super fun and comfortable shirts that are appropriate for both the schooling and show ring. This shirt is SO comfortable that it is now my new favorite. The material used was actually developed for Venus William’s “Eleven” tennis clothing line. So not only are the shirts fun, they are made for some serious wear and tear.

The shirts are made from cooltech® fabric which is moisture-wicking and gives you that great athleisure feel. I also want to point out that the shirt is extremely forgiving – which is not the case with all schooling tops. It’s not too thick, but not too slinky either. These tops are perfect for you favorite pony jock or grown up friend. The girls XL fits like a women’s small.

Breathable mesh that is so comfy! PC: Jaclyn M. Johnson

And you can feel good about your Elliena EQ purchase knowing that you are supporting a woman-owned and operated business that does all of its manufacturing right here in the U.S.

Here are some of my other favorites from the collection:

elliena8 elliena7 elliena6

I promise it will become a staple in your riding wardrobe! Just remember this show season, wear anything but white!

Find out more about Elliena EQ and see all their products at their website, or follow them on Facebook.


About Jaclyn Meg Johnson: My name is Jaclyn Johnson (although those that knew me as a kiddo know me as Meg Johnson, which is some cruel joke my parents played on me- making me go by a name that isn’t actually my name at all). I am constantly battling the reality that I can no longer wear bows and jods in the show ring, and I have actual bills to pay. My discipline de préférence is the hunters, although I admire, follow, and dabble in others. You can find my in the Adult Amateur ring counting strides and dreaming of future Derby glory! This post originally appeared on Jaclyn’s website, intothebluegrass.com