Equestrian Accessories That We All Need Right Now, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

In a world of black and blue jackets, it can feel difficult to express your own personal style in the saddle. However, there are tons of options for accessories that can help you stand out in the crowd without making a major fashion faux pas. Check out some of our favorite bits of bling and ringside accessories that we think you will love, presented by Kentucky Performance Products.

Super Cute Bling for Your Spur Straps!

I am quite fond of the pig and the unicorn myself…

A Stunning Custom Sun Hat!

Stand Out (In A Good Way) With Sparkly Bonnets 

Always one of my favorite ways to add a bit of spice to my show attire! You can add a matching bridle charm for even more bling!

A Personalized Pad Fit for the Show Ring 

Matchy Matchy Ring Bags

No matter what your husband/boyfriend says, there is no such thing as having too many bags…

Equestrian Inspired Jewelry

Go All Out With Adorable Boot Socks!

A trainer-approved way to be express yourself, without making your trainer cringe.

A Snazzy Brow Band

Or… a pair of these…


….or maybe not.

Go Jumping!









Poor hooves causing lameness?

Ask your vet about FootWise™.


  • Aids in the elimination of dry, flaky hair coats and brittle manes and tails.
  • Maintains healthy hoof tissues so they are less susceptible to developing hoof problems such as thrush and white line disease.
  • Sustains a strong, resilient hoof wall, reducing the incidence of                                                                       cracks, chips, and lost shoes.
  • Supports the regrowth of healthy hoof after injury or surgery.

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