It went from summer to fall in a flash, but last week was that perfect last summer weekend where the sun is still warm, but the air has a melancholy hint, your horse’s summer coat is starting to shed out a bit, and the trees aren’t quite changing but they’re not quite as alive. The horses on the other hand; they’re quite lively from those chilly nights and bright sunny days!

This beautiful week happened to coincide with some beautiful horse shows, and y’all took the pictures to prove it. Here’s some of our favorite shots from around the northern hemisphere, capturing the last great vestiges of summer and first signs of fall, presented by Kentucky Performance Products.

//KHJA Medal Finals 2016//

A photo posted by Haley Kane Photography (@haleykanephoto) on

GraZing like there's no tomorrow

A photo posted by @jumpingtothestars13155 on

Someone was a little extra feisty today?? #equestrian #equestrianfails #horsebackriding #coraggiohj

A video posted by Rachel Stoltman (@rjs.riding) on

Devon Thomas placed 3rd in the Sore No More Children's Medal Final at Marshall & Sterling Finals on Cordino!

A photo posted by Tranquillity Farm (@tranquillityfarm) on

Beautiful morning at Hits #royaltonequestrian #saugerties #medalfinals

A photo posted by Amy Trepeta (@amytrep36) on

First Hunter derby up at hits. Placed 10th out of 50 competitors

A photo posted by Sarah Levi (@sarah_levi_eq) on

horses or ponies? horses 🙂 nikon or canon? nikonnn 😉

A photo posted by © Jordan R. Miner (@dappledbayss) on

Go Jumping!

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