West Palms’ Official Stylist, LA Saddlery, Keeps Us Dressed in the Latest Equestrian Fashion Trends

From Renee Spurge, Owner of LA Saddlery for West Palms Events:

Around six years ago I was encouraged to embrace my love for writing and equestrian fashion and start a blog. My goal was to highlight new and innovative brands, particularly those that challenged traditional styles, creating exciting clothing for the trend setters not the trend followers. This led to my own personal crusade to help brand companies that continued to design outside the rules and push the boundaries of navy and tan.

The one snag I found was the majority of the brands I supported and continue to support tend to come with substantial price tags. Of course the quality is there; from the design details to the fit and fabric and longevity, and most are worth the extra money.

However, not everyone can afford these top brands, and I eventually began to seek out companies that not only made quality fashionable products, but manufactured them in their own backyards.

This was definitely harder then I thought, as most clothing is mass-produced overseas, and is simply a copycat version of the brands I was already writing about. Finally, I found a small manufacturer in Italy that happened to make the perfect fitting breeches I have ever tried on!

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Photo courtesy of LA Saddlery

I decided that it was time to stop looking for a brand to meet my needs, but to create one of my own. It seemed fitting to name my brand after my blog, eqgirl, as it represents the equestrian woman who rides outside the lines, dresses by her own rules, and is a true horse woman and fashionista.

You will never see her in ratty old tees or baggy breeches. She grooms and flats her own horse in her favorite stylish breeches and tops because she knows she is fully capable of washing the green kiss her horse lovingly gave her at the barn. She takes pride in the way she looks and the way she rides. Regardless if she’s 12 or 45 she’s playful, confident, and downright feisty.


Photo courtesy of LA Saddlery

This is eqgirl imagined. Five collections inspired by 5 real life eqgirls. Breeches, show shirts, saddle pads and fly bonnets (because her horse has to match her fabulousness). Later this summer I will also launch a collection of sassy eqgirl fashion tees. Come see the new collection debuting at of one my favorite West Palms’s shows in Huntington Beach.

Don’t miss all of LA Saddlery’s wonderful collections at the upcoming Huntington Beach Surf Classic, July 7-10! Stay up to date on all our exciting events and the 2016 show season by visiting our website and following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Until then, stay fashionable and always ride and dress outside the lines!

From Jumper Nation: We’ll be sure to let you know when EqGirl’s line launches digitally, or if you’d like to visit her future site and keep refreshing until it launches (like we’re doing), please be our guest! [EqGirl.com]

Go Jumping.