Final Scenes From Devon: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

The Dixon Oval may be closed until the fall classic in real time, but in internet time, the fun just keeps coming. Our Florida-based photographer extraordinaire Dominique Gonzalez popped up to the Pennsylvania for juniors week and caught these beautiful moments in and out of the ring for your viewing pleasure.

Get one last whiff of Devon, courtesy of your scientifically proven performance optimizers at KPP!

PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Waiting at the in-gate. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

WIHS, Maclay, Pessoa Medal and Ronnie Mutch Eq Champion Taylor St. Jacques. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Equitation winner Samantha Cohen. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Sam Walker. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Louisa Brackett. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Daisy Farish. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Junior Jumper Champion Coco Fath. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Caitlyn Connors. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Brian Moggre. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Alex Pielet. PC: Dominique Gonzalez.

Thanks again to Dominique for sharing her lovely work (while competing, no less!) Go Devon, and Go Jumping.

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