George Morris: “I love my … two BUTET Premium Saddles”

022637Photo courtesy of BUTET.

With “No Stirrup November” just around the corner, you’re going to want this bad boy, and it’s George Morris approved!

The BUTET saddle is a minimalist tree that offers essentially just a balanced seat and optional space for stirrup leathers and nothing else, and it’s become the go-to teaching tool of the Godfather of our sport, George Morris.

“I love my two BUTET Premium Saddles,” GHM said. “This new exercise saddle is half way between riding without stirrups and riding bareback. We all grew up riding bareback, and this is as close to riding bareback as you’ll get in a saddle.”

BUTET offers advanced designed capabilities combined with the finest materials and top French craftsmanship, which explains why it would be a favorite of Uncle George.

The BUTET Practice is the ultimate educational tool for teaching riders of every level correct position and correct balance in the saddle. With its ergonomic shape and its technical characteristics, the BUTET Practice saddle immediately allows the rider to intuitively find the “right” riding position.


Morris added, “I think it would fit into anyone’s line of equipment. It perfects your seat immediately.”

Riders participating in George Morris’ clinics at Brookway Stables at Middle Ranch (Dec. 6-8) and Wildflower Ranch (Dec. 10-12) in California will have the opportunity to try the Practice saddle during the clinic.

For more information about the BUTET Practice saddle, you can visit More information is available on George’s clinic shedule at his website.

Go Jumping!