All of us have that little favorite item that you slip on or into before a class and until you’ve got that item, you’re just a sweaty person at a horse show. But add those magic proverbial beans, and you become an athlete. That one thing you just can’t live without that gives you all the zeal and shade-throwing abilities of Queen Latifa on horseback.

So we asked a few random horse show folks what their one item is, and we’ll be bringing you their must-have trinkets in the months to come!

This week’s game changer comes from Carrie Matteson of South Jordan, UT who you might bump into at the H/J shows along the Wasatch Front or at HITS Arizona in the winter season. Her must-have item is a pair of MacWet gloves, which are the pro choice of equestrians, golfers, shooters, scuba divers and we’ve been told the Queen of England. So you know, pretty awesome.

Their patented technology is designed to get stickier when they’re wet, so if you’re the nervous sweaty type or just competing in 90 degree weather or pouring rain, you’ll actually grip better in these gloves. Thus the scuba divers, you see.

The mesh gloves allow your hands to breath and optimize circulation and airways while still giving you the umph of a full, thick glove. They also come in a handful of colors besides black if you’re the adventurous type!

The company is based out of the UK (you can check out their website here) but the easiest way we’ve found to get them across the pond is on Amazon.

Thanks for the submission, Carrie, and if you’ve got an item you love and want to share, shout it out, will ya?

Go Jumping.