Pro Rider Vanessa Stubenvoll: I Love My . . . Valentine Equine Jacket

Vanessa Stubenvoll is a pro show jumper based out of Pertisau, Austria, and like any longtime rider, she’s got a few choice accessories she simply can’t live without in the show ring. Vanessa kindly caught up with Jumper Nation to tell us about a few of the items that make her show world go round!

In the tack department, Vanessa is a true believer in the Stubben Saddle Ministry. She rides in a Stubben Roxane CS, a recent upgrade from her previous Stubben saddle, which she says, “became old and out of fashion. The technology in saddlery is so fast and forward and you can absolutely support your horse better with a well-fitted saddle.”

My tack wasn't so clean since years πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

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The Roxane CS is a beautiful piece of machinery indeed, providing a new, broader channel to provide spinal support and mobility, a half-deep seat for optimum rider position, and gorgeous embossed cowhide throughout that comes in black, ebony or tobacco.

In the wardrobe department, Vanessa tells us: “I need by lucky charm (my show jacket) from Valentine Equine. It’s absolutely gorgeous and light.”

Valentine Equine makes exceptional high-end couture show jackets in a beautiful variety of fabrics, from two-toned pinstripes to brazen deep velvet. Vanessa has been spotted in both the divinely elegant Class Jacket as well as well as the Athlete Bluebird.

To see more of Vanessa’s lovely stylings (and gorgeous gray steed!) be sure to give her a follow on Instagram.

Thanks Vanessa, and Go Jumping!