Get the Look: Lillie Keenan and Super Sox’s “Freedom Sheet”

If anyone is entitled to throw around a little extra American spirit this week, it’s Lillie Keenan and Super Sox, who were called up from the reserves in Barcelona to deliver a critical, bronze medal-worthy performance in the Furusiyya Nations Cup Final. To celebrate, Lillie decided to wrap her man up in a little stars and stripes ensemble that is utterly classy and perfectly enviable.

Mr. America ?? #SuperSox #TeamUSA

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If you’re craving this freedom flair for yourself, you’re in luck! We tracked down a few places you can find one just like it. And thankfully, no Nations Cup performances necessary for purchase.

Freedom Sheet, $80, Available from Action Company in sizes: 60″, 64″, 68″, 70″, 72″, 74″, 82″ or 84″

On Clearance from Horse Tack Online, $55, but only size 74″ left

From Dark Horse Tack in Florida, $79.90 in sizes: 60″, 64″, 68″, 70″, 72″, 74″, 82″ or 84″

Happy shopping, and let freedom ring!

Go Jumping.