Good Blankets, Good Cause: The Draper Therapies “Draped In Health” Blanket

Order by December 15th to get standard shipping and still get it in time for Christmas!

Photo courtesy of Draper Therapies

For almost a full year now, Draper Therapies has been one of our awesome, wonderful sponsors, and the more we learn about them, the more excited we are that they’re part of the Nation Media family.

First off because their product is exceptional (so exceptional that even the famously stingy FDA considers their celliant technology a determined medical device) and secondly, because they’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet who genuinely care about empowering healthy and sound people and animals.

Draper Therapies ‘Draped In Health” blankets in three colors: Charcoal base with either sky blue, raspberry or gold accents.

This holiday season, you can benefit both from Draper Therapy’s products and their philanthropy by buying one of their limited edition “Draped in Health Blankets“. These gorgeous, rich charcoal blankets aren’t just another cozy layer, and here’s why:

  • They’re 50% celliant fiber – Celliant fiber is Draper’s proprietary technology which has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and support wellness. In a full size blanket, you’re reaping a lot of overall benefits!
  • They’re made of recycled fibers – these blankets are made from the scraps of other products being made in Draper’s factory, which prevents these scraps from ending up in a landfill.
  • They’re made here in the USA – Support your countrymen this time of year!
  • HALF the proceeds of your purchase will go toward Beastly Rescue, a No-Kill organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless dogs in the New England area. To learn more about the Draper Therapies’ philanthropic efforts, click here.
  • They’re positively plush and trimmed in fabulous colors.

These beautiful blankets make a great gift and will keep your loved one cozy on the outside and the inside. They are priced at $75.00, and are available here. You can also learn more about Draper’s support for Beastly Rescues here.

They’re also offering FREE SHIPPING on any orders containing a DIH Blanket from now until December 31st. Use coupon code BEASTLY at checkout! (Note: This coupon CAN be combined with other offers!)

Go Draper Therapies, and Go Jumping!