Horse Outfit of the Day #HOOTD

Time for another round of #HOOTD (horse outfit of the day) and today we’re doing a little leather mix and matching! While we give major props to everyone who keeps their darks with their darks and their lights with their lights, Sometimes it’s fun to live on the edge and GASP, ride in your cognac bridle and chestnut boots.
We kept this cluster in the “warm leather” department, and we’d personally love seeing this look on a flea-bitten or dappled gray. Do you dare, Jumper Nation?
#HOOTD May 3


You might be drooling over those gorgeous boots and we are, too. Here’s the deets from our friends at Majyk Equipe:

We start with the finest first grade Argentine leather, nature’s perfect material. The entire boot shell is made from leather – there is no artificial ‘pleather’ or other material incorporated in the construction. The well engineered design provides the ultimate comfort while the European styling gives a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

Inside the boot is a removable liner. This liner is sized to add additional cushioning across front of the boot where it touches the horse’s leg, helping to prevent rubbing or chafing. The liner is made from a proprietary high impact bio foam material designed to repel impact – an additional layer of protection not usually found in traditional leather boots. The liner is removable for easy cleaning.

If you and your valiant steed have a tackfit to share with the world, be sure to hashtag it with #HOOTD for a chance to be featured on JN!

Go Jumping.