Horse Selfie Anonymous: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

Are you addicted to the horse selfie, or, like me, are you totally at a loss as to how people on Instagram manage to fit their horse’s fantastically long face in a tiny square when you only have the length of your own arm? And don’t even get me started on the ten-year-olds whose arms are HALF AS LONG and yet they and their horses still look like rockstars. You got game, ten-year-olds.

Here’s a round-up of our favorite horse selfie addicts and how they got the perfect shot, presented by Kentucky Performance Products!

We See Eye to Eye

These fine folks mastered the horse selfie by accepting that ears and nose are superfluous accessories to a horse face. It’s all about the eye, yo. And we’re totally down.

Селфи с другом))??

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A photo posted by Kevin? (@kevino2204) on


The Upward Angle Shot

Fit the whole face and look like a supermodel. Drop the mic, yo.


Go In For the Kiss

You kiss him, he kisses you, you playing hard to get . . . it all works.


The Prop Shot

A human face, a horse face, AND a prop? Bonus points if it’s a ribbon! DOUBLE bonus points if the prop is also a sentient being capable of running away.


And If All Else Fails, Try a Selfie “Stick”

She didn't like my Gopro.. #welcomehome #gopro #horseselfie #myreality

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Go Selfies, and Go Jumping! (But probably not both at once!)

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